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2009-09-24 19:07:58 by JDtoTheXtreme

Ok, my animation ended up being a waste. Sorry everyone that I did that. So I got an idea, told my friends what the funniness will be, and they laughed. I want to make videos that will make people laugh. So if my friends think it will be funny just by reading the script, then surely it will make everyone laugh.

Working on an animation.

2009-09-17 21:55:10 by JDtoTheXtreme

I am currently working on my first animation to upload to newgrounds. I am most used to working with simple softwares like Pivot, but I decided to do this one with one called Pencil(Google it). Will I use flash in the future? Yes. I want to get used to doing animations you would be used to first with Pencil. It will be called "JD on the Loose", about a boy named JD who is pure insane. Will it be funny or entertaining? It will be entertaining I know that, but funny,'ll be the judge of that.
I will keep everyone up to date on my project, take care. -Joshua D. Japs

P.S. I am known as JD is some places.

Working on an animation.